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Better acoustically performing structural connections – BRANZ research report
Date: 2015

The objective of this research is to provide the design community with an inter-tenancy housing structural connection system that can achieve the stru...

Body corporate guide
Date: 2018

This web page explains many of the things you need to know about bodies corporate – what a body corporate is, how a body corporate operates and what y...

Brickworks, Hobsonville Point, Auckland – case study
Date: 2008

The developer received a detailed report alongside an infographic that presented a summary of combined learnings from the site review, developer quest...

Buckley Hobsonville architecture and landscape design guide
Date: 2009

The vision for this development is to set new benchmarks for sustainable, mixed-use urban development in New Zealand and to build a community that is...

Buckley Terraces, Hobsonville, Auckland – case study
Date: 2018

This case study looks at the terraced housing properties on 59–64 Buckley Avenue that have been designed as energy-efficient, low-maintenance houses f...

Building warrant of fitness template
Date: 2016

The building warrant of fitness must be prepared in accordance with this prescribed form. This form is a written statement issued annually to the coun...

Buildings with compliance schedules for specified systems
Date: 2016

Specified systems are crucial to the safety and health of a building and those who use it. As a building owner it is your responsibility to ensure the...

Chester Courts, Chester Street East, Christchurch – case study
Date: 2012

This case study provides an insight into how developers and councils undertook the design and consent process for an MDH development and how the occup...

Christchurch MDH design guide
Date: 2014

This guide provides urban design guidance for new residential development located in Living 3 zones under the Christchurch City Plan to facilitate the...

Christchurch district plan – MDH
Date: 2017

This document is a summary of the relevant rules for construction of one or more residential units on the majority of sites within the Residential Med...