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The following local authorities in this region have rules or guidance relating to medium-density housing: Kapiti Coast District, Lower Hutt City, Porirua City, Upper Hutt City and Wellington City.

Kapiti Coast District 

Kapiti Coast MDH design guide

This guide seeks to inform best practice in the planning and design of MDH and covers site design, building components, amenity values and character.

Lower Hutt City 

Hutt City district plan

This resource identifies the rules for the Hutt City general residential area including MDH. 

Porirua City 

Porirua City district plan – suburban

This document identifies the various areas of the Porirua suburban zone including MDH and the relevant rules and standards including density, outdoor living, site coverage and parking. 

Upper Hutt City 

Upper Hutt district plan – residential

This document defines the residential zones in Upper Hutt including MDH and identifies relevant rules including a design guide for comprehensive residential development.

Wellington City

Wellington district plan – residential area rules

This document identifies relevant rules for Wellington residential areas including MDH.

Wellington district plan – residential design guide

This document provides design assessment criteria for developments subject to resource consent. In particular, it applies to a range of development scenarios outlined in the Wellington Residential Area Rules.

Wellington district plan – MDH in Johnsonville

This document describes design considerations for MDH in the Johnsonville area including built form, setbacks, fences, landscaping and parking.