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The following local authorities in this region have rules or guidance relating to medium-density housing: Hamilton City, Hauraki District and Taupō District.

Hamilton City 

Hamilton district plan

This document identifies the residential zones in Hamilton (including MDH) and the applicable rules including height, unit size, permeable surface and site coverage. 

Hamilton district plan – MDH design guidelines

This resource provides design guidelines for MDH including site coverage, permeable surfaces, height, setbacks, fences, separation, outdoor living areas and service areas.

Hauraki District 

Franklin district plan – MDH

This document identifies the rules for MDH development in Franklin District including density, outdoor living, height and coverage. 

Taupō District 

Taupō district plan – residential

This document defines the residential zones in Taupō District including MDH and identifies performance standards including coverage, setbacks and height.

Taupō District 2050 district growth management strategy

Taupō District 2050 is a growth management strategy that outlines where Taupō District Council anticipates future urban growth to occur and the nature and scale of such growth. One of the actions is to enable and encourage higher-density residential development in appropriate locations in Taupō.