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The following local authorities in this region have rules or guidance relating to medium-density housing: Horowhenua District, Palmerston North City and Whanganui District.

Horowhenua District 

Horowhenua district plan – residential

This document identifies the residential zones in Horowhenua (including MDH) and the applicable rules including height, setbacks, outdoor areas and building coverage.

Horowhenua district plan – MDH design guidelines

This resource provides design guidelines for MDH including lot design and site layout, on-site amenity, external amenity, design and appearance, access, parking, manoeuvring and infrastructure.

Palmerston North City

Palmerston North district plan – residential zone

The district plan identifies specific Multi-Unit Residential Housing Areas. One of the policies set out in the district plan is “to enable multi-unit housing development where this is located in close proximity to the central city, and large neighbourhood centres”.

Palmerston North housing and business development capacity assessment

This assessment noted that a residential zone review that had been carried out provides a more enabling framework for the development of multi-unit housing. “Medium-density multi-unit housing in a Palmerston North context is anticipated to be up to 30 dwellings per hectare.”

Whanganui District

Whanganui district plan

This web page provides links to the various parts of the Whanganui district plan, which set out the rules for housing development.