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The following local authority in this region has rules or guidance relating to medium-density housing: Hastings District and Hawke's Bay Region.

Hastings District

Hastings MDH strategy

This strategy seeks to create the conditions that maximise the benefits and delivery of more compact housing development for both residents and builders, promote residential intensification where the facilities and amenities exist to support it and stimulate greater investment in medium-density development that creates greater diversity and choice for all.

Hastings residential intensification design guide

The guide helps with ideas, opportunities and tips to achieve good-quality intensive residential development on projects that involve one or more sites and one or more houses. The design guide sits alongside the Hastings District Plan to promote good design and achieve high-quality, high-amenity residential development. The guide applies to residential development in any zone including any future new zones.

Hawke's Bay Region

Heretaunga Plains Urban Development Strategy

The strategy is a collaboration between the Hastings District Council, Napier City Council and Hawke's Bay Regional Council towards managing urban growth on the Plains from 2015 to 2045. The joint strategy was first adopted in 2010, then a reviewed version was readopted by the three councils in early 2017.