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The following local authorities in this region have rules or guidance relating to medium-density housing: Ashburton District, Christchurch City and Selwyn District.

Ashburton District 

Ashburton district plan – residential

This document defines the residential zones in Ashburton District including MDH and identifies site standards such as density, coverage, height, recession lines, setbacks and outdoor living.

Christchurch City

Christchurch district plan – MDH

This document is a summary of the relevant rules for construction of one or more residential units on the majority of sites within the Residential Medium Density Zone. It covers built form standards such as density, planting, height, coverage, living space, recession planes, setbacks, fences, overhangs and minimum size.

Christchurch MDH design guide

This guide provides urban design guidance for new residential development located in Living 3 zones under the Christchurch City Plan to facilitate the design of high-quality, medium density residential development that responds to the local context, is attractive, delivers a high level of amenity and meets the needs of its residents. 

Selwyn District 

Selwyn MDH design guide

This resource provides design guidelines for MDH in Selwyn including density, building envelope, section shape and size, layout and design principles.