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The following local authorities in this region have rules or guidance relating to medium-density housing: Rotorua District, Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty District.

Rotorua District 

Rotorua district plan – residential

This document defines the residential zones in Rotorua District including MDH and identifies performance standards including height, envelope, coverage, density and parking.

Rotorua housing strategic framework

Te Arawa and Rotorua Lakes Council worked in partnership to develop this strategic framework. Medium-density housing is listed as one of many success measures. MDH is seen as contributing to the objective of well designed, thriving and connected communities and will play a role in increasing housing supply to meet population needs.

Tauranga City 

Tauranga city plan – residential

This document defines the residential zones in Tauranga including MDH and identifies relevant rules including height, setbacks, overshadowing and access.

Tauranga plan change 26 – Housing choice

The plan change will provide for townhouses and apartments along the Te Papa peninsula and duplexes and townhouses in the suburban residential zone.

Te Papa Spatial Plan 2020–2050

The Te Papa Spatial Plan supports the growth medium-density and high-density housing on the peninsula at the heart of Tauranga City.

Tauranga MDH design guide

This design guide relates to comprehensively planned multi-unit residential developments of more than three units, at densities between 1 unit per 100 sqm to 1 unit per 325 sqm of land. It covers site and design considerations and building performance.

Western Bay of Plenty District

Western Bay of Plenty district plan – MDH

This document identifies the rules for MDH in Western Bay of Plenty including height, lot size, daylight, coverage and parking.