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The management policies of a medium-density housing development should be carefully considered.

They need to be based on the nature of the development and the needs of its occupants.

Although it is difficult to generalise, most MDH facilities management should adopt policies for:

  • scheduled maintenance
  • use of public and shared spaces
  • energy management and water consumption
  • service charges
  • management of on-site staff
  • security protocols
  • vehicle access and car parking
  • waste disposal and recycling
  • couriers and deliveries
  • graffiti and vandalism.

It’s important to consult occupants when establishing or changing management policies, particularly when it involves further development of the site or changes that affect the local community.

Failing to involve occupants in the decisions that govern their home can leave them feeling manipulated or ostracised and will almost certainly erode their sense of community and trust in those managing the facility.