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Queensland gets serious about medium density housing

25 May 2017

The Queensland government is following NSW’s lead with a competition aiming to increase the stock of affordable medium density housing.

Missing middle or 'cookie cutter'? Sydney terrace plans spark suburban concern

11 May 2017

Fears that tree-lined Sydney suburbs will be replaced by cookie cutter streetscapes are energising the response by the state's councils to the state g...

Higher density housing can be attractive

30 March 2017

Densification of our city suburbs is not an ogre to be feared - to the contrary, if it is designed well, it can offer extraordinary lifestyle opportun...

Mid-rise momentum

1 December 2016

From resistance to urban sprawl to changing demographics as baby boomers downsize and first home owners enter the market, there are a number of driver...

The curse of urban sprawl: how cities grow, and why this has to change

12 July 2016

The total area covered by the world’s cities is set to triple in the next 40 years – eating up farmland and threatening the planet’s sustainability.