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NSW moves to fast-track low-rise medium density homes

10 April 2018

It will be cheaper and easier to build low-rise medium density housing in NSW, following the adoption of a code that makes certain projects complying ...

Planning changes to turn Sydney's 'missing middle' into terraces

5 April 2018

Homeowners and developers wanting to convert larger blocks in Sydney into terraces and other medium-density housing will soon be able to access a fast...

Medium density’s new model

22 February 2018

New medium-density housing typologies could provide the density cities need with the amenity residents want, drawing inspiration from a contemporary V...

Townhouses most popular residential development sites

31 October 2017

Townhouses have become the most popular residential development sites in Australia, trumping apartments and houses as the most purchased.

Becoming more urban: attitudes to medium-density living are changing in Sydney and Melbourne

26 October 2017

Australia is increasingly linked to a fast-growing global population. The populations of Sydney and Melbourne are both expected to exceed 8.5 million ...

Medium-density living at heart of government plan for Sydney’s Rhodes peninsula

18 September 2017

A draft 20-year plan would see several thousand more people living in the eastern half of the Rhodes Peninsula in western Sydney, housed in medium-den...

The multi-res movement: a prospect for prefab?

1 August 2017

As focus on multi-residential developments and master-planned communities continues to grow, prefab/off-site construction is increasingly being viewed...

Queensland gets serious about medium density housing

25 May 2017

The Queensland government is following NSW’s lead with a competition aiming to increase the stock of affordable medium density housing.

Missing middle or 'cookie cutter'? Sydney terrace plans spark suburban concern

11 May 2017

Fears that tree-lined Sydney suburbs will be replaced by cookie cutter streetscapes are energising the response by the state's councils to the state g...

Mid-rise momentum

1 December 2016

From resistance to urban sprawl to changing demographics as baby boomers downsize and first home owners enter the market, there are a number of driver...