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Reducing emissions will impact construction

16 May 2022

The government’s first Emissions Reduction Plan has a whole section on the building and construction sector. Many of the proposals will affect the con...

Unit titles law amendment passed in Parliament

5 May 2022

The Bill amending the Unit Titles Act 2010 – the Unit Titles (Strengthening Body Corporate Governance and Other Matters) Amendment Bill – has been pas...

Multi-home consents now above stand-alone consents

3 May 2022

In the year ended March 2022, there were 25,475 multi-unit homes and 25,383 stand-alone houses consented.

Fire, structural and plumbing changes in 2022 Building Code update

2 May 2022

Many of this year’s proposed Building Code compliance changes are likely to affect design and construction of MDH. The proposals were announced on 2 M...

MDH prominent in fast-tracked developments

21 April 2022

The 50 projects selected by the government so far for fast-tracked resource consenting include many that involve medium-density housing.

Auckland to seek comments on intensification

14 April 2022

From Tuesday 19 April until Monday 9 May, Auckland Council will be looking for feedback on its preliminary response to two government initiatives, the...

Rotorua to join Tier 1 centres

16 March 2022

The government has announced that Rotorua Lakes Council will join the Tier 1 urban centres covered by the medium-density residential standards (MDRS).

Auckland Council committee agrees approach to suburban intensification

9 March 2022

Auckland Council’s Planning Committee has agreed to an approach that allows more apartment and MDH homes close to Auckland’s suburban centres to meet ...

Wellington support for intensification

3 March 2022

Submissions made on Wellington City Council’s Draft District Plan largely support Council intensification plans.

Kāpiti focuses on intensification

25 February 2022

Kāpiti Coast District Council has adopted a growth strategy, Te Tupu Pai, that will see more intensification occurring in stages.